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HEART WORDS: Faith, Family, Friends

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A Heart’s Journey

A Novel

Haleigh Abbot returns to Greenlawn, her childhood home, seeking forgiveness and renewed friendships. Willie White hires her to work in his florist shop. Drawn to Willie by his kindness, strength, and faith, Haleigh refuses to allow their relationship to go beyond friendship. Although forgiven and accepted back into the Greenlawn community, shadows of fear and guilt from the past still cling to her. When a little boy and his dog under her care are hurt in a terrible accident, she goes into an emotional tailspin.

Haleigh has held a special place in Willie’s heart since childhood. When she left Greenlawn and shut him out of her life, it hurt, but he never forgot her. Her return gives him an opportunity to win her heart. He’s ready to help her, but will her determination to prove she can handle life’s challenges on her own stand in his way?

by Beth E. Westcott

Heart’s Desire

A Novel

When Aubrey White and Jeremy Abbot meet again at her brother’s wedding, neither of them is thinking about falling in love. Both focused on their education and careers. Is God showing them that the desire of their hearts is not His plan for them?

By Beth E. Westcott

Meadow Song

A Novel

Learn about life, love, and loss as you follow this fictional story of Kate and Jack. Most importantly, you will see that God can take our brokenness and turn it into good.

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Beth E. Westcott

Beth Westcott’s passion for writing began in second grade, when her poem about a lamb appeared in the school newspaper. In third grade she wrote a puppet play. She completed the basic course from the Institute of Children’s Literature in 1992, which started her on a writing journey of challenge and reward.


One of the sweetest gals I’ve ever had the privilege to know is Beth.

– Marsha Hubler, Author


I may be biased, but I’ve been reading my mom’s stories, poems and writings since I was little.

– Alicia Westcott Lynch


Beth is great at writing in a way that you can ‘feel’ her words!

– Nancy E. Bedford

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