View from the sheepfold

Christmas Joy

Last weekend proved to be a challenging one for us. Our plans for Saturday were quickly changed when my husband discovered a broken water pipe beneath our mobile home. Do you know how hard it is to find a plumber who will come to your house on a Saturday, even for an...

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Family and Immigrants

FAMILY AND IMMIGRANTS     Today is my mother’s 105th birthday. Born in 1914, she is the child of immigrant parents. Her mother came to the United States with her family from a mountain village in northern Italy. Her father, a native of Cornwall, England,...

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Facing Fear

What do you fear most? Failure Ridicule Rejection The dark Snakes or spiders, or both Dealing with the past Death Something else Although there are persons we may call fearless, most people fear something. Often fear is healthy because it keeps us out of trouble. For...

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