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View from the sheepfold

Facing Fear

What do you fear most? Failure Ridicule Rejection The dark Snakes or spiders, or both Dealing with the past Death Something else Although there are persons we may call fearless, most people fear something. Often fear is healthy because it keeps us out of trouble. For...

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Seeking Answers

  Do You Have Questions Left Unanswered? Not knowing often makes life more difficult. We seek the answers to our questions about life, questions about loss, disaster, misfortune, or illness. Finding the answers may help us process life’s challenges, sorrow, and...

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Bathtub Races and a President?

BATHTUB COMMEMORATION In Moravia, N.Y., a small town on the south end of Owasco Lake in central New York, is Fillmore Glen State Park, named in honor of Millard Fillmore, the thirteenth president of the United States. Fillmore, elected vice president in 1849, became...

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Forty-Six Years and Counting

July 14, 1973, our wedding day.                                   We had met a year before, and he asked me to marry him. We had set the date and place, asked the pastor to marry us, and been through the required premarital counseling sessions. We had chosen our...

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Family Musings

Summer—a time for picnics, vacations, and family reunions. I enjoy attending family reunions because it’s the only time I connect with some of my relatives, and I like being with family. I must confess, however, as each new generation appears, I lose track of who...

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Roots That Run Deep

If you enjoy having plants in your home, as I do, you know they have basic needs: light, moisture, food, air, and heat. The plant variety determines how much of each it needs. Although there are plants that grow without soil, such as air plants, most plants need soil...

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It’s Easy to Forget

Unless I have  a personal reason to remember a person or an event, it's easy to forget. People and events from the past are often crowded out in my mind by life now. With each generation, details of history are dropped from history books to be replaced by more current...

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Did you know that house plants can improve your physical and mental health?       In the middle of winter, when dark, empty tree branches contrast with the white, snowy ground cover outdoors, I enjoy my houseplants. At a time when the outdoor flora take their winter...

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A Belsnickel? What’s That?

I invited fellow-author Bonnie Swineheart to be a guest on “View from the Sheepfold.”  I met Bonnie at a writers conference and learned about her book Benjy and the Belsnickel in 2018. What’s a Belsnickel? You’ll have to ask Bonnie or read her book. 1) When did you...

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