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View from the sheepfold

Cookie Season

Christmas is a time for sharing cookie recipes. With so many people sharing their favorites, want to share one of my favorites. A few years ago I found a cookie recipe on a package of Hershey's Special Dark Kisses. I make the cookies for Christmas and once or twice a...

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Looking Back and Forward

Change is a part of living. It's not always easy to accept. Change came as I moved into the realm of book publishing. The journey has been long but well worth it. Meadow Song was released on November 20. My book launch party on December 1 was a success. I am grateful...

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A Significant Family Day–Happy Birthday, Mom

Today my mom turns 104.  For the past several years, we've gathered at her house to celebrate with pizza, which she loves to eat, and a large group of family members. Last year over 50 people crowded into her moderately-sized house. This year Mom requested that we not...

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Another Birthday

Seven years ago yesterday my husband and I were in Fort Worth, Texas, awaiting our grandson's birth. God performed a miracle that day because a baby boy, whose life expectancy was zero, lived. I saw God's grace at work in the lives of his parents as they welcomed him...

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Letting Go

Have you had to give up a home you loved, a job you enjoyed, a family heirloom or favorite piece of furniture, or a beloved pet? Have you given up your dream of owning a home because of financial loss or of a life-long career because of illness or injury? Are you...

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About November

Do you remember the song "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof? The hauntingly beautiful song was sung during the wedding of the oldest daughter as the parents think about how quickly time passes in the years with their children. "Sunrise, sunset, sunrise,...

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The Creator’s Reflection

"The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork." Psalm 19:1 Do you sometimes look up at the heavens on a clear, starry night and wonder at the number of stars, the formations of the constellations, and the vastness of the Milky Way? I am...

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A Legacy of Faith and Music

              A LEGACY OF FAITH AND MUSIC We were first introduced to Ron Hamilton and his music in 1984 when my husband had cancer. Ron had lost his eye to cancer and became known as Patch the Pirate. His music and his musical adventures for children became a...

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“Help and Hope for Caregivers”

Full time or part time, caregiving demands time and energy, and it makes us faces challenges we’ve never had to face before. As parents we become caregivers as soon as we have children. If we have a child with special needs, the demands on our time and energy are...

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The Morning Stars Sang Together

At Creation, "the morning stars sang together." (Job 38:7) I've heard that there's music in the far away universe. Music has been called a universal language because understanding and appreciating music crosses language and cultural barriers. I discovered long ago how...

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It’s Almost Here!

Moving day. I don't look forward to moving. It's not so much the living in a new place and meeting new people as it is the process; sorting and packing, making address changes, finding new doctors, setting up with a new Internet company, unpacking. You get the...

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The County Fair

Recently our local newspaper has featured stories about county fairs in our area. For many, the focus of fairs is the Midway: the rides, games, and food. I liked the Ferris wheel. But my family did not have money to spend on the Midway, so I avoided it, and still do,...

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