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View from the sheepfold

Roots That Run Deep

If you enjoy having plants in your home, as I do, you know they have basic needs: light, moisture, food, air, and heat. The plant variety determines how much of each it needs. Although there are plants that grow without soil, such as air plants, most plants need soil...

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It’s Easy to Forget

Unless I have  a personal reason to remember a person or an event, it's easy to forget. People and events from the past are often crowded out in my mind by life now. With each generation, details of history are dropped from history books to be replaced by more current...

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Did you know that house plants can improve your physical and mental health?       In the middle of winter, when dark, empty tree branches contrast with the white, snowy ground cover outdoors, I enjoy my houseplants. At a time when the outdoor flora take their winter...

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A Belsnickel? What’s That?

I invited fellow-author Bonnie Swineheart to be a guest on “View from the Sheepfold.”  I met Bonnie at a writers conference and learned about her book Benjy and the Belsnickel in 2018. What’s a Belsnickel? You’ll have to ask Bonnie or read her book. 1) When did you...

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FARMER WASHINGTON Early in the morning, Farmer Washington mounted his horse and cantered off to inspect his farms. “Agriculture has ever been amongst the most favorite amusements of my life,” he wrote. We know him as a soldier and a political leader. Without George...

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One day in April, 1837, a tall, sad-looking man, dressed in a too-short, shabby suit, rode into Springfield, Illinois. Springfield was a new town on the frontier and the newly-selected state capital of Illinois. When the snow melted in the spring or after a rainstorm,...

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“What is truth?” The Roman governor Pilate asked Jesus this question. (John 18:38) What is truth? It’s hard to decipher the true from the false unless you know the facts. So much false news circulates today, we are hard-pressed to discover the truth. We’ve witnessed...

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Viewing History Through Fiction

Please meet my friend and fellow author Elaine Cooper. Elaine has two new historical fiction book releases. I’ve read Fields of the Fatherless and Saratoga Letters, and I recommend both. If you’ve never read one of her books, I encourage you to do so. Elaine Marie...

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Are You Balanced?

Do you ever walk along the top of a curb to see how long you can keep your balance? I still do it from time to time. I truly admire the gymnasts who perform complicated routines on a narrow beam placed above the floor. If the gymnast loses her balance, however, she...

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