My Father’s World

Summer, fall, and winter each have their own attractions, but spring is my favorite season. Nature comes alive with color and new life after the cold and drabness of winter. Pesky bugs aren’t active yet, and birdsong fills the air. It’s time to put out the hummingbird feeders. I believe a robin is building a nest in the tree outside my window.


The neighborhood is coming to life with blossoming trees and blooming flowers, wild and cultivated. The daffodils and primroses are prevalent now, the violets and forget-me-nots are popping out, and the buds on the lilacs hold promise of a grand display.

Walking is a pleasant and beneficial way to experience nature springing to life. I love to walk.  It’s good for my physical, mental, and emotional health. I feel better. The fresh air clears my breathing passages and unclouds my brain. (I don’t have allergies.) I once read a magazine article that said being surrounded by nature’s greenery makes a person nicer to be around. I hope that’s true.


Around here, April is a month of beginnings. I get impatient waiting for what May brings.

God is so good to give us all this beauty to enjoy!

“This is my Father’s world,/ The birds their carols raise,/ The morning light, the lily white,/ Declare their Maker’s praise./ This is my Father’s world;, He shines in all that’s fair;/ In the rustling grass I hear Him pass/ He speaks to me everywhere.”   (This is My Father’s World, Babcock/Sheppard)

Beth E Westcott