“The best things in life are worth waiting for.”

I’ve waited a long time. From concept to publication, the completion of The Three Sisters series, Heart’s Desire, A Heart’s Journey, and Her Heart’s Longing, has taken over twenty years.Why did it take so long? Although I toyed with the idea of becoming a published writer when I graduated from college, I didn’t seriously pursue that dream until my oldest child reached her senior year in high school. The “empty nest” loomed ahead. So, I took a correspondence course in professional writing, then I attended a writer’s conference.

I had to learn the craft of writing, then I had to learn how to get my manuscripts before the eyes of publishing professionals. Through the years, the requirements for writing and publishing in the Christian market have evolved and become more demanding as the competition for publication has increased. I’m grateful for the literary agent who took me on as a client and placed my manuscripts before publishers.

The Three Sisters Series started as an examination of broken friendship, based on my own experiences. It hurts when someone you consider your best friend turns away from you to other friends and interests that don’t include you.

Personally, I love stories of best friends who remain best friends throughout their lives. But life doesn’t always work that way. We grow, mature, and discover new people, new places, and new things. We change. Although we don’t mean to, we may leave behind hurt and regret.

Teenager Haleigh Abbott was the original POV character in what was intended to be a novel for teens about friendship. But I foresaw that the attraction between Haleigh and her friend’s brother Willie White would develop into an adult romance, which led to writing three contemporary romance novels and the birth of The Three Sisters Series. Their teenage years became the backstory, and the series includes a reunion of the friends.

Her Heart’s Longing is my fourth published contemporary romance novel. The first one, Meadow Song, was released in 2018 and was republished in 2020. It’s a story of life after loss and a second chance for love.

The path to becoming a published author isn’t easy.  I recommend the book Getting Past the Publishing Gatekeepers to help you on your journey. This book, with the subtitle Winning the Hearts of Agents, Publishers, Editors, and Readers, is written by four industry professionals and published by Scrivenings Press. It will help you understand how to get your manuscript into the hands of the people who unlock the gate for you to become a published author and offers insights and encouragement for already published authors.

Will I write more about Aubrey, Haleigh, and Katie? Perhaps in a novella or short story. And other characters from this series may appear again. I don’t know. I’m a little sad about leaving them, but I’m glad I had the  privilege of sharing their stories with you, the reader.