Beth E. Westcott - Author


You’ve met Haleigh’s therapy dog, Sunshine, the White’s calico, Sweetie Pie, and Timmy Morgan’s dog, King, in the first two books in The Three Sisters Series. In Her Heart’s Longing you’ll meet a VIP. She’ll tell you about herself.


I may not be the MIP (Most Important Person) in this book, but I’m certainly a VIP (Very Important Person).

I’m Chloe. In case you’re wondering, I’m a silver tabby, and I live with Tyler and Gail Mann. Their house is warm with lots of places to explore. I have toys to play with, yummy food, and even my own bed. But my favorite place is in Tyler’s lap. Well, maybe it’s in Katie’s pocket.

I don’t remember much about LBK (Life Before Katie). But I remember that dark and stormy night when Katie found me. And you can read all about me in Her Heart’s Longing

I love Katie. She’s sweet and gentle. I can’t live with her, so I live with her parents. But I see Katie nearly every day. She has a big heart and makes sure I have everything I need and takes me visiting. Have you ever heard of a therapy cat? That’s me! I meet so many people, but my favorites are David and Mary and Jackson and Jesse. Oh, and Tyler and Gail and Katie.

I want to be friends with Sweetie Pie. She’s a calico, older than me, and she stalks out of the room whenever I come in. She has a bad attitude, that’s for sure.

              Her Hearts Longing


                                             Release date 7/11/23