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Her Heart’s Longing: Katie’s Story

Her Hearts LongingHere’s the cover for Her Heart’s Longing, the third book in The Three Sisters Series. If you’ve read Heart’s Desire and A Heart’s Journey (and I hope you have) you’ve met Katie Mann. This is her romance story. It’s coming in July, 2023.

As an introduction to Katie’s book, I decided to share a scene between Katie and Haleigh from the backstory, which takes place about seven years before Her Heart’s Longing begins. Teenagers Katie and Haleigh have a confrontation which doesn’t end well.

“Haleigh, wait up!”

Katie pushed her way through the group of students leaving school. Today, the results of the play tryouts had been posted, and Katie wanted to share the news with her friend.

Haleigh slowed but didn’t turn. Her stiff back made Katie’s stomach clench. Wasn’t she done with hurt feelings yet?

Katie caught up and fell into step with Haleigh. “Did you hear? I got the lead in the spring play, opposite Nathan West!” She giggled.

Keeping her eyes focused straight ahead, Haleigh sighed and pursed her lips. “I saw the list on the bulletin board. Congratulations.”

“You don’t sound sincere.” Katie shook her head. “But thanks anyway.”

Haleigh shrugged.

“Will you come and see the play?” Haleigh had always been the cheer leader for the Three Sisters, always encouraging her and Aubrey in everything they did. Katie missed that.

“Does it matter to you whether I do or don’t? What do you care?”

Katie grabbed her friend’s arm, stopping them both in the middle of the sidewalk, and pulled Haleigh around to face her.

Haleigh jerked her arm out of Katie’s grasp, her dark eyes sparking. “We used to do a lot of things together. But you have Nathan West and the drama club, so you don’t need me anymore.” She turned and hurried away. But not before Katie saw the tears pooling in her eyes.

Convicted, Katie ran a few steps to catch up to her. “I never said I didn’t want to be friends with you. You’re just jealous.”

“What if I am? You and Aubrey never have time for me.”

“You could join the drama club. Or play sports.” She’d win the part of a drama queen for sure.

Haleigh snorted. “Me? Are you kidding?”

Haleigh froze before an audience, and she had few sports skills.

“You’re right. But can’t we still be friends?”

This time Haleigh stopped and faced Katie. “Nathan’s a creep, Katie. You and I both know it. And you two are always together.”

She’d gone too far. “Come on, Haleigh, give Nathan a chance. He’s really very sweet and thoughtful. Don’t let his weird sense of humor bother you so much.”

Well, maybe he did tease Haleigh a little much.

“Sticks and stones and all that, huh?” Haleigh swiped at the tears dripping down her cheeks. “No, so long as you hang around with Nathan West, we’re through. He’s up to no good, Katie. I don’t trust him, and you shouldn’t either.”

Nathan had been pressuring her for greater intimacy, and the truth behind Haleigh’s words made her clench her fist. “Forget it, Haleigh.” Her voice rose. “Don’t tell me who I can and can’t have as friends. And don’t bother coming to the play. I don’t want you there!”

For a moment they glared silently at each other.

“Excuse me.” Someone walked around them.

They stood in the middle of the sidewalk, and they’d attracted an audience as they argued.

Katie flounced away as Haleigh fled toward her house.

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