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Have you ever played Mille Bornes? In this card game, the players are on a road trip. The first to reach exactly 1,000 miles is the winner of that hand, and the first to get exactly 5,000 miles wins the game. Of course, there are hazards along the way– speed limits, accidents, flat tires, empty gas tanks—which slow you down and sometimes stop you, (I think they should add road construction 😊), but there are remedies and safeties that help you get going again and win.

We played this game as a family when our kids lived home.

Along the roads in some countries there are cement stones that name a town and the distance to that town. The game gets its name from this: Mille Bornes, French for 1,000 milestones.

We also use milestone as an expression to mark a significant event. A baby’s first tooth and taking first steps are milestones. Entering kindergarten is a milestone, as is high school graduation, turning eighteen or twenty-one, graduating college, and getting your first job.

Milestones for me included getting married, having and raising children, becoming a grandparent, and, of course, having my first novel published.


I thought of the game recently when I celebrated my birthday. For some reason, I considered this birthday a milestone. But then I might consider each birthday from now on a milestone.

Soon, my husband and I will be celebrating another milestone, our fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Our lives are marked by milestones, some happy, some sad, some we share, and others are significant only to us as individuals. What is your most significant milestone?

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