Our friends are not necessarily just like us, any more than our DNA is identical to that of our siblings. In my birth family of seven, I share some characteristics with my siblings, yet we are each unique in many ways.

In The Three Sisters Series, Haleigh Abbott’s brothers are identical twins, yet uniqueness in their personalities makes them identifiable to the people who know them best.

Aubrey White, Haleigh Abbott, and Katie Mann first knew each other early in life. Babies together in the church nursery at Greenlawn Bible Church, by the time they reach school age, they are best friends, bound together by an invisible thread despite their individual differences.

Blonde and blue-eyed, and the only girl in her family, with one older brother and two younger ones, Aubrey is the oldest of the three friends. Smart, athletic, and competitive, she works through any obstacles to achieve her goals. Taking the role of the big sister and leader, she looks out for the other two.

Katie Mann, the only child of her nurse mother and lawyer father, “adopted” her friends’ brothers as her own. With copper curls and green eyes, Katie has a flair for the dramatic and keeps their group lively with her bubbly personality. Trouble at home makes Katie grateful for her friends and their families.

Shy and laid back, with dark brown hair and eyes, Haleigh’s small physical frame made her appear younger than her years. The youngest in her family, with twin older brothers, she is fiercely loyal to her friends. Her abilities include neither sports nor drama, but she always supports Aubrey and Katie in what they do. Haleigh discovers her gift when her grandmother helps her choose and train her therapy dog, Sunshine.

Aubrey’s brother Willie gave them the moniker The Three Sisters when he learned the legend of the Native American Three Sisters (corn, beans, and squash) and noted the similarities to Aubrey, Katie, and Haleigh.


Eventually, the differences among the three friends break apart their “best friends forever” relationship. Although they may never be “best” friends again, they long to heal the brokenness that has kept them apart for six years.

Aubrey’s story is told in Heart’s Desire, and Haleigh’s in A Heart’s Journey. Coming in July 2023, is Katie’s story, told in Her Heart’s Longing.