When songbirds flock together,

Preparing for southward flight,

And shorter days spread darkness

Into longer nights,

The wind blows pinecones from the trees

While acorns plunk to earth,

And frisky squirrels hop to and fro

Hoarding food for winter’s dearth.

The northwest wind whisks wispy clouds

Across the azure sky,

A harbinger of cold and snow

That will soon arrive.

When the frost is on the pumpkins,

And the geese fly overhead,

                     The trees display their autumn hues

      Of yellow, orange, and red.

Tulip bulbs and daffodils

Sleep beneath the ground,

And blades of grass, still green and bright,

Jack Frost will soon turn brown.

Vibrant asters by the roadside

 Displaying purple blooms,

The corn, once tall and green and proud,

            Shrivels as harvest looms.

The scent of ripened apples

Hanging from laden trees,

The harvest moon glowing cool and bright

On leaves playing in the breeze.

Woolly bears, striped brown and black,

Search for a winter’s abode,

From hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches

Shouts of joy and laughter flow.

The leaves fall softly from the trees.

The dark approaches fast.

And bonfires lit to warm the night

Their dancing shadows cast.

From time to time, I attempt to write a poem. However, I am not a skilled poet. It has taken me three years to develop this poem about autumn, which I hope you will enjoy. Thanks for taking time to read it.

Photos thanks to

   Author Beth E. Westcott