Floriography, the language of flowers, became popular during the Victorian era. Many kinds of messages were sent via flowers. In fact, floriography became so complicated that dictionaries were created to explain the meaning of floral “gifts.”

Floriography isn’t as popular today as it was in Victorian times. I choose flowers because of their color, scent, size and shape. I buy flowers for others that I think they will like. If I want to know the “meaning” of giving a certain flower, I search the Internet.

“Say It with Flowers.” Have you heard that expression before now? It’s not original with me, of course. In 1910 it became the slogan of the Florist’s Telegraph Delivery Association, FTD, and was used in an ad campaign for Mother’s Day in 1918. FTD allowed the gifting of flowers throughout the world. We can still use the service today, and it has kept step with the digital age.

My husband knows that flowers are a welcomed gift for me for almost any occasion, including birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day. I love growing flowers and flowering shrubs in my yard. At one time I grew roses and bearded iris which I shared with members of our church family for their birthdays. To me, flowers are an expression of caring and love.

The presence of flowers enriches our lives. If you have ever taken time to examine a flower closely, you may appreciate the intricacy of its design as well as its color. And if you don’t have allergies, you may enjoy the scent. (Some flowers have a scent humans can’t appreciate, but pollinators like butterflies and bees do.)

Flowers are mentioned often in the Bible. Jesus refers to the lilies of the field in Matthew 6:28, and names like rose of Sharon and lily of the valley from “Song of Solomon” are familiar to us. However, they may not refer to the flowers we know by the same name. Their beauty and fragrance are extolled, but they are also a reminder of the brevity of life because they fade away (Isaiah 40:7,8).

Flowers are gifts of beauty and grace from our Creator. I love the beautiful greens of grass and leaves, but the colors of flowers add sparkle. I suppose that’s one reason I often describe scenes with flowers in my books. The meadow of wildflowers became a focal point in Meadow Song. Kate in Meadow Song and Haleigh in A Heart’s Desire find employment with florists. And Willie White is the florist in A Heart’s Desire.

Do you have a favorite flower? Do you prefer wildflowers or cultivated ones?






(Information about the slogan and FTD from the website  https://www.creativereview.co.uk/say-it-with-flowers)