Meet More Characters from A Heart’s Journey

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and they already have something against you, but you don’t know what it is?


Tia Merino works for Willie White at Floral Creations. I don’t have a photo of Tia, but I imagine her as petite, with short, dark hair and big, brown eyes.  She’s a good employee who has a crush on her employer. When she gives Haleigh a cold shoulder, there are at least three possibilities for Tia’s animosity.

  • She’s jealous because Willie hires Haleigh.
  • She’s jealous because she considers Haleigh competition for Willie’s attention.
  • Cheryl Nelson, Tia’s best friend and the younger sister of Haleigh’s nemesis Leanna, has told her that Leanna didn’t like Haleigh.

Haleigh is determined to prove herself a friend to Tia.


Cheryl Nelson, a blonde, blue-eyed beauty, is a little younger than Haleigh. Unlike Tia, sweet, upbeat Cheryl, offers Haleigh friendship. She’s an interior decorator and lives with her boyfriend Lars. Cheryl appears to be unaware of the animosity that existed between Haleigh and Leanna. She’s searching for answers concerning God and His role in her big sister’s death six years earlier. Haleigh can’t help but like Cheryl.


Leanna Nelson, popular in school and a basketball star, had been Aubrey White’s good friend in high school. Teenager Haleigh wished Leanna would go away so she could have Aubrey back as her friend, but when her wish came true in the worst way, she blames herself for Leanna’s death, although a drunk driver was responsible. Haleigh asked God’s forgiveness for allowing resentment to stand in the way of friendship with Leanna, but she can’t ask Leanna to forgive her. How can she escape the cloud of guilt that holds her hostage?

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  Author Beth E. Westcott