We were first introduced to Ron Hamilton and his music in 1984 when my husband had cancer. Ron had lost his eye to cancer and became known as Patch the Pirate. His music and his musical adventures for children became a mainstay in our home.

A gifted musician, he wrote words and music for hymns, gospel songs, and songs for children that glorified God and taught Christian living. Some of his songs are just for fun. Multiple recordings of his music, vocal and instrumental, are available. His music company is known as Majesty Music.

At one time I directed a Patch the Pirate Club. This is a church junior choir program that includes Bible, music education, singing, stories, and skits. Not only is it a fun program for kids, it gives them an opportunity to perform in public. My club kids loved to sing the songs and learn the skits to perform them in church.

When my grandson was diagnosed with hydrocephalous before he was born, and not expected to live very long, the Ron Hamilton song “I Am Your Creation” became especially meaningful. Rylen was formed according to God’s plan, and his short life became a testimony of God’s love.

I am sad to learn that Ron Hamilton has dementia. I don’t pretend to know why God allowed this to happen, but I believe God knows what’s best. He’s our creator, loves us, and knows all about us. We are living in a fallen world and subject to its curse. Our hope is in eternal life offered through Jesus Christ.

Ron Hamilton’s legacy will live on through his testimony, his music, and his family.

As an author, I hope that my words create a legacy that encourages others and glorifies God.