At Creation, “the morning stars sang together.” (Job 38:7) I’ve heard that there’s music in the far away universe. Music has been called a universal language because understanding and appreciating music crosses language and cultural barriers.

I discovered long ago how much music relieves stress and sadness. I understand why David’s music brought at least temporary relief to King Saul’s troubled soul. This morning I finally made my way to the piano and played “hymns and spiritual songs.” And I felt better. Many possessions are waiting to find their places in our new home, many boxes are ready to be unpacked, but I needed to play the piano.

Playing a CD of soft, instrumental music as I write helps me to focus. My preference is classical music and traditional hymns of faith. I also love to listen to the sweet bird song outdoors.

I’m not a great public performer. I fill the position of church pianist right now, and I play the recorder or the autoharp and sing sometimes. Like the morning stars at creation, I praise God with music, although I’m sure they sounded much better. As Moses and the Israelites escaped the Egyptian army by God’s intervention, they sang (Exodus 15), “I will sing to the Lord, for He is highly exalted.” (v.1) “The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation.” (v.2)

“This is my Father’s world,/ And to my listening ears/ All nature sings, and round me rings/ The music of the spheres.” (“This Is My Father’s World” Babcock/Sheppard)

Enjoy music today.