Recently our local newspaper has featured stories about county fairs in our area.

For many, the focus of fairs is the Midway: the rides, games, and food. I liked the Ferris wheel. But my family did not have money to spend on the Midway, so I avoided it, and still do, for the most part.

I attended and exhibited at our county fair for eight years through 4-H. It was the highlight of the summer and of the 4-H year for me. During the year I kept project records as I learned about what interested me. These had to be submitted to the county 4-H office at the end of the project year.


These are not pictures of my animals. I do have a few pictures of my own in my scrapbooks, somewhere….

A photo of kids in the show ring with their animals triggered memories for me. I exhibited market lambs for a few years, and graduated to Jersey calves and heifers. I also entered sewing projects, garden flowers and vegetables, and a few other 4-H projects. I didn’t always win a prize, but I learned valuable lessons about doing my best, competition, and being a friend. I am not a farmer, but I learned the value of farmers and farming. I learned respect for animals, and I still use the sewing, cooking, and gardening skills I obtained back then. A few times I qualified to exhibit at the New York State Fair. And I have fond memories of friends.

Our county fair back then was mostly about farming and agriculture and life skills.  

Do you have county fair memories?

I want to thank Pixabay for the photos.