When I have the opportunity to visit different parts of the USA, I am amazed at the beauty and diversity of the geography.  I have traveled from New York to South Carolina and Texas by car. I’ve also been to Missouri and Colorado. I’ve also seen a few states by air. I must admit I haven’t traveled extensively.

I often think of a song I learned as a member of junior chorus in elementary school, “America, Our Heritage.” Do any of you know it? Like “America the Beautiful” it evokes scenes of the blessings God has given us.

I’m sad because of the great division among Americans today. We know that freedom isn’t free. We have to work for it and to protect it. History shows that blood, sweat, and tears went into the founding of the United States. In times of national disaster, we have pulled together. Our men and women have assisted other countries in defending freedom and helping in times of need.

We’re not perfect, but God has blessed us in so many ways. On this July 4, 2018, may we humble ourselves before God and strive to find equitable solutions to the challenges facing us.

Happy 242nd birthday, USA.