As a grandparent, I often consider my influence on my grandchildren. Am I a good role model for them? Will what I teach them through my attitudes, words, and actions help them to successfully navigate life?

We build on generational influences. Who I am today will impact the future in some way. Although I am not rich or famous, I can make a difference where I live and for those around me. And I believe the spiritual influence I have, my testimony for Jesus Christ, is the most important legacy I can leave my grandchildren and future generations.

I wrote this poem for the Montrose Christian Writers Conference several years ago.
It’s based on Hebrews 12:1,2.


From the beginning, before time’s dawn,
The wise, all-powerful, sovereign
Master Designer of the universe composed an eternal plan
Demonstrating His gracious and merciful love,
Revealing all He is.

At His chosen times, in His chosen places,
The Master Craftsman skillfully creates each link–
Molding, pounding, polishing, purifying,
Connecting generation to generation, person to person,
Perfecting us for His glory.

Not clinging to the past, but learning from the testimony
Of witnesses, urging us forward toward maturity,
Link by link, reaching toward the goal,
Our eyes on Jesus only, our Source, our Leader,
Bearing testimony of His truth.