From the White House, to school yards, to church lawns — it’s time for Egg Rolls and Egg Hunts. It’s Easter! Kids enjoy getting outdoors in the fresh spring air to play games and seek sweet surprises. As a child, I enjoyed coloring real hard boiled eggs for Easter, a tradition I carried on with my children. Today the eggs are often the plastic kind with candy or a small object inside. Eggs became a part of the celebration of Easter many years ago, a sign of new life.

There are many fun traditions connected with holiday celebrations, but too often these traditions mask the true meaning of the holiday. The story has been told of the little boy who brought a plastic egg to school for show-and tell. The other children didn’t understand what was so special about a plastic egg. “It’s empty!” they exclaimed. “Yes,” said the boy, “like the tomb after Jesus rose from the dead.”

Easter for the Christian is actually Resurrection Day, the day the angels announced to the surprised women at the tomb, “He is not here, for He is risen as He said.” Had He not died and shed His blood to pay for our sins and then come back to life, having victory over death, the apostle Paul tells us our faith would be worthless (see 1 Corinthians 15). So we can have fun and feasting as we remember what Christ has done for us. Celebrate the Resurrection and Eternal Life!