Some holidays – Christmas, Easter, and even Thanksgiving – I celebrate as a Christian, remembering what God has done for me. Other holidays are patriotic, such as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, I celebrate them to remember sacrifices others have made for me. The Fourth of July commemorates the birth of the United States of America, and I celebrate being an American, And I do not forget Labor Day, Columbus Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. These are days to have fun, or to pause and think. This year Halloween seemed to create controversy among my friends on social media.

I’m not a big supporter of Halloween because I believe its roots are in witchcraft and the occult. In our country It’s a fun day for children to dress up and go door to door collecting “treats.” I love to see the kids’ smiling faces and cute costumes and hear their polite “thank you” when they come to my door. Costume parties are nothing new, even for adults. I am concerned about the emphasis on costumes that portray evil and ugliness and on parties that promote hedonism.

I do not care to have teenagers come to my door trick or treating.
I heard about a teen youth group who collected donations for the local food pantry on Halloween night instead of trick or treating. I like it that they have left behind the “gimme” stage to help fulfill the needs of others.

So although my door is open for children in costumes who come by on Halloween night, and I may include a gospel tract with the treat, I feel that Halloween gets too much attention. Maybe we could make it a celebration of doing for others. Just wanted to share my thoughts.