A hero or heroine steps forward in a time of need, often extreme need, to perform an act of courage and nobility that results in saving life. The term “hero” is used too loosely today. The recent tornadoes across the Midwest resulted in an act of heroism that truly fits the description.

A young mother wrapped her two children in a blanket and lay on top of them to protect them from an oncoming tornado.She suffered the loss of parts of both legs, and her children had not a scratch. She said she wasn’t a hero because she was protecting her children. A mother’s responsibility is to protect her children. This story is particularly important because there are so many abused and neglected children today. The rescued children in this story are pretty young, but one day they will realize the full impact of their mother’s love and sacrifice.

We can’t plan to be a hero, although we can hope to be heroic if the need arises. May God bless this hero mom and her family.