I’m back! Why does it take so long to do some of the things you really like to do? For me, I think it’s because I’m afraid I don’t have anything significant to say. But this time I’m going to say it anyway.

Some of my earlier posts pertained to a journey we took to Texas to visit our daughter and her husband in 2010. We made another journey to Texas in November, 2011, for the birth of their first child, our first grandson. It was a time of joy and sadness. We are grateful to God that our daughter came through delivery well, and we enjoyed holding and loving our grandson. We call him a miracle baby because the doctors did not expect him to live. He was born with hydroancephalus (I think this spelling is correct). He is a month old now, sweet and beautiful, God’s gift, but we don’t know for how long. So we have been on another journey since then. We are separated from them by 1800 miles, but our thoughts and prayers are often with this small family. They are surrounded by caring people to help them with the challenges of their journey. And they have a loving God and faith to give them strength along the way.