We will soon be commemorating the terror attack of 9-11. This year the events will look a little different. Yet I hope Americans will act with restraint and maturity so that our memorials will be worthy of those who have lost their lives or served to protect truth and freedom.

The proposed building of the mosque near Ground Zero is offensive to many Americans. It feels like a slap in the face. As Americans we should realize that the Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of religion in this country, which includes the building of a house of worship. So if the Muslims wish to build the mosque, we do not have a right to tell them they cannot. I think, however, that they should choose not to build their mosque near Ground Zero.

I am not Muslim, but I believe it is wrong to show disrespect by burning the Qur’an. I do not understand how the church in Florida and its pastor can justify burning copies of the Qur’an. Such a  revengeful public act will prove nothing except that Americans are no better than the terrorists.  And what will they do in that church next when Muslims retaliate for that act. When will it end? Who will be the victor? Certainly not the United States, and certainly not Jesus Christ; probably the Taliban and Al Qaeda, who will win the hearts and loyalty of moderate Muslims.

I do not believe burning of the Qur’an is worthy of the cost of so many American lives. This act of disrespect will create more problems and solve nothing. Think of our soldiers, diplomats, and other civilians  in Muslim countries. How about the impact on world missions and the acceptance of the Gospel of Christ?

Continuing to stand for truth and freedom will accomplish more than burning the Qur’an. Let’s act like mature adults.