I guess I never thought of the wind having colors. I think of how it feels and its effects when it blows. But colors…

Blind artist George Mendoza turns the bright colors and objects he “sees” into paintings. To be honest, his canvases would not fit my home decor, but they made a magnificent display on the museum walls – bright, bold colors and shapes in a unique display of imagination.

In spite of being legally blind since the age of 15 because of a rare disease, Mr. Mendoza has not allowed his disability to hold him from accomplishment. A former Olympic runner, his designs have been bought by a fabric company and turned into quilting and clothing fabrics.

We attended the showing of “Colors of the Wind” at the Ellen Noel Art Museum in Midland, Texas, because our son-in-law is also blind. He’s not an artist, but he does not let his blindness be an excuse either. He has vision for the future and will be attending seminary next year.

I don’t know the colors of the wind. Maybe I need to think about it a little more.