GPS’s: how did we ever survive without them? A map at our fingertips that not only shows us how to get there but includes an optional voice to give us gentle verbal instructions.

My husband and I didn’t have a reason to purchase a GPS until we decided to take a trip to Texas. Because we don’t usually drive in cities or heavy traffic, we decided this investment would help us navigate through the tough places.

Our GPS became part of the family in early spring so we could learn how to use it before the journey. After the initial frustrations that accompany figuring out how it worked, we took a trip to visit our son and his family in the Boston, MA area.

Were we ever glad for this litttle piece of electronic equipment! We missed our turn for I95, and our faithful GPS took us safely through the BIG DIG, arriving at our destination right on time! Obeying Mandy’s gentle insistence that we “keep left,” we persisted throught the tunnel even when we lost the signal and Mandy couldn’t talk to us.

Of course Mandy doesn’t like it when we deviate from her planned route.

Now that we are accustomed to watching, not only where we are going, but the time, the distance, the speed, and when we will arrive. Imagine our dismay when the plug for our GPS broke, we blew a fuse, and we traveled for two days without its guidance! We took several deep breaths, didn’t panic, and followed the AAA map directions. We survived and made it to our destination.

The next challenge will be our homeward journey.