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By Beth E. Westcott

Meadow Song

A Novel

Learn about life, love, and loss as you follow this fictional story of Kate and Jack. Most importantly, you will see that God can take our brokenness and turn it into good.

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A Significant Family Day–Happy Birthday, Mom

Today my mom turns 104.  For the past several years, we've gathered at her house to celebrate with pizza, which she loves to eat, and a large group of family members. Last year over 50 people crowded into her moderately-sized house. This year Mom requested that we not...

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Another Birthday

Seven years ago yesterday my husband and I were in Fort Worth, Texas, awaiting our grandson's birth. God performed a miracle that day because a baby boy, whose life expectancy was zero, lived. I saw God's grace at work in the lives of his parents as they welcomed him...

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Letting Go

Have you had to give up a home you loved, a job you enjoyed, a family heirloom or favorite piece of furniture, or a beloved pet? Have you given up your dream of owning a home because of financial loss or of a life-long career because of illness or injury? Are you...

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Beth E. Westcott

Beth Westcott’s passion for writing began in second grade, when her poem about a lamb appeared in the school newspaper. In third grade she wrote a puppet play. She completed the basic course from the Institute of Children’s Literature in 1992, which started her on a writing journey of challenge and reward.


One of the sweetest gals I’ve ever had the privilege to know is Beth.

– Marsha Hubler, Author


I may be biased, but I’ve been reading my mom’s stories, poems and writings since I was little.

– Alicia Westcott Lynch


Beth is great at writing in a way that you can ‘feel’ her words!

– Nancy E. Bedford

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