The Three Sisters Series

Heart Series
Heart’s Desire

“Ms. Westcott gives us a charming story of waiting for God’s perfect plan.”
“A heartwarming story of a young couple successfully working out the challenges of their relationship.”

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A Heart’s Journey

“This story is full of friendship, redemption, grace, and forgiveness, as well as a slow friends-to-more love story with a perfect ending.”
“Perfect for those who love second chance stories.”

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Her Heart’s Longing

“This story offers a sweet romance that also highlights redemption, reconciliation, and forgiveness.”
“Interwoven in the story were many messages of encouragement for those who can’t get past their past.”

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By Beth E. Westcott

Meadow Song

A Novel

“There is a strong message of faith that shines through the story and leaves the reader with hope for hard places.”
“Meadow Song is a tenderhearted story about fining love after loss.”

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Our fifty-first wedding anniversary and recent current events brought 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, to my mind. We included the reading of I Corinthians as part of our wedding ceremony. Have you ever tried to define love? We often think of love as a warm,...

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  I'd really like to say that I've figured out how to make every minute of my life count. But these are not the most productive days of my life. My "to-do" list of what I want to accomplish this year is falling by the wayside, but hope is still a word in my...

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Beth E. Westcott

Beth Westcott’s passion for writing began in second grade, when her poem about a lamb appeared in the school newspaper. In third grade she wrote a puppet play. She completed the basic course from the Institute of Children’s Literature in 1992, which started her on a writing journey of challenge and reward.


One of the sweetest gals I’ve ever had the privilege to know is Beth.

– Marsha Hubler, Author


I may be biased, but I’ve been reading my mom’s stories, poems and writings since I was little.

– Alicia Westcott Lynch


Beth is great at writing in a way that you can ‘feel’ her words!

– Nancy E. Bedford

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